Friday, December 31, 2010

Review of the Year: 2010

Looking back at my blog for the year:

In January I thought about the care and feeding of children, we had snow days, and a new little dancer joined her sisters. I also recorded a day in my life.

February saw Cherub's room transformed with pink cupcakes, I got stuck into the forty trash bag challenge, and learned some trombone playing lessons. And I knitted socks.

In March it was Star's turn for a room makeover, and Angel celebrated her fifteenth birthday.

During April I had a existential blogging crisis and hardly posted, but in May I decided just to ramble on as before. Cherub went through a drawing frenzy, and we went to the zoo.

June began with a trip to Brighton. I thought about how everything flows, nothing stands still and my inability to create beauty in the home. Cherub turned into a bouncing fairy for her fourth birthday.

Summer holidays in July meant a trip to Cornwall.

In August I started work as a volunteer at the county archive. We visited the zoo again, and assorted wildlife visited us. Star turned twelve and startled me by growing.

A new era began in September when Cherub started school. I was amused by her powers of imagination and moved by the visit of Pope Benedict.

When I reached a landmark birthday in OctoberI looked back over the past fifty years and looked ahead by starting the Day Zero Project. Tevye took me to the beautiful city of Budapest to celebrate.

November saw me thinking about Cherub's current schooling and Angel's sixth form plans. (We had already made decisions about Star's future schooling in October.)

In December I discovered just how much it is possible to do in five minutes, thought about blogging and Facebook, discovered I am really, truly not an early person, and did lots of Christmas knitting. The year ended as it began with more snow.


Willa said...

Happy New Year!

I really enjoyed this post and all the links. It was fun to see the "big picture" of your life over the last year. And the photos are beautiful.

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

Super post! I was off line for so much of 2010 that it was wonderful to catch up over the whole year like this!
Thanks for visiting my new blog, you were my very first commenter! I think Sailblogs is slowly shutting down so I'm trying a new platform before I'm forced to!

Like sunshine in the home said...

Happy New Year, I love looking at your photos. Great socks! :)

Missus Wookie said...

Neat year in review post - amazing how much happens in 365 days :)