Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just Five Minutes

Housework has been hit and miss - actually rather more miss than hit - for the last few weeks. Today I had a free morning and no excuses, so needed to get back on the housework wagon. Inspired by this five little minutes post I grabbed the timer and spent just five minutes in each room. This is what I achieved:

Our Bedroom
Cleared away a pile if clothes (hung up or into laundry basket).
Returned Cherub's pyjamas to her bed.
Cleared a pile of books of the chair.
Cleaned all the fingerprints off the mirrored wardrobe doors.
Put away some receiptes left on my bedside table.

Our Bathroom
Cleaned sink and toilet.
Swished shower tray and shined shampoo and soap dispenser.
Hung up towel left on floor.

Star's Room
Finished putting away accumulated clothes heap.
Threw out empty toiletries.
Put away a jumble of jewellery, hair stuff and make up.

Main Bathroom
Cleaned sink and toilet.
Put away jumble of foam letters and other toys abandoned in the bottom of the bath.

Angel's Bedroom
Changed bed linen.
(Pretended not to see mess!)

If I was in the middle of something when The timer went I carried on until I finished. Overall this all took me about 40 minutes. I also scooped up a load of laundry and threw in bath and shower mats.


Linds said...

Excellent idea! I must try this....

Melanie B said...

Wow. I should really try that. Setting a timer and all. I wonder how it would work for the kids too....

Chiara said...

Smart idea! I'm giving this to my mom.