Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cherub School Update

Two months in and I am still very happy with Cherub's school experience ... and more importantly, she is happy too. I love the set up in the early years unit, with special themed play areas that are kept for the whole half term, and other toys and activities rotating daily. Currently the themed sections are a Halloween party (table setting and play food), a creche (Cherub heaven! She loves dolls), and a workshop. The workshop amazes me, as it includes real tools. I can't imagine many schools allow four year olds access to saws and hammers, but there are pictures on the school website to prove it - and using them very carefully they are too, with fingers well out of the way! And of course they are closely supervised.

We are still loving the story sacks. This week's is an owl sack, with Owl Babies, a book about owls, three owl toys to act out the story, and a set of bird cards for playing various games. Last week was beans, with a bean and a flower pot to plant it in, a book about how baked beans get from plant to table, a CD with fairy tales including Jack and the Beanstalk, and a beanstalk shape matching game. I'm looking forward to seeing what new sack comes home tomorrow.

Cherub's teachers are pleased with the way she has settled in. From refusing to speak to the teachers when she went for her taster sessions, her confidence in them has grown to the point where she made one poor teacher jump out of her skin by sneaking up on her and shouting "Boo!" Fortunately the teacher saw the funny side! She is also beginning to get a bit more confident with the other children and is interacting and playing with them more, having started off very much in her own little self-contained world.

All in all, so far so good.


PixieMum said...

Nothing to do with Cherub's school experiences, but I hope your Mum has had her knee operation and it has gone gone well.

Best wishes, Madeleine

Like sunshine in the home said...

I'm so glad she's enjoying school. x