Sunday, December 05, 2010

Blogging and Facebook

In the past few weeks I have seen a number of comments about Facebook and blogging, with a couple of people abandoning Facebook rather than struggle to keep up with both. Being a slow blogger - in this instance due to real life rather than internet distractions - the links and comments I meant to post at the time have sailed off into the sunset, but even though I am behind the conversation I still want to add my tuppence worth.

When I first started using Facebook it had a definite impact on my blog. I started posting short snippets there rather than longer items here. My poor blog got neglected to the point where earlier this year I wondered what its future would be, if any. I started making more effort to post here, and as I did so, my feelings about Facebook and blogging crystallised, I saw the pros and cons each has for me more clearly, and found myself committed to both.

Facebook is my public face. My Facebook friends are a mix of my nearest and dearest, old friends, neighbours, online friends and real life acquaintances (often people I see quite frequently, but know only on a superficial level). I use real names, and although I do write about my family, I am more careful of their privacy. I don't say anything on Facebook that I wouldn't say to someone I only knew slightly. My updates are mostly day to day trivia mixed with humour. Facebook is quick and easy, and I love the opportunities it gives to keep up with people I might otherwise lose touch with, and to get to know casual acquaintances a little better.

My blog is a very different place. Although it is technically more public - I try to keep my Facebook privacy settings pretty tight - it is also more private thanks to my pseudonyms. Although someone actively searching might be able to link my real name to my blog, and many (most?) of my readers know who I am, I don't advertise it to the casual social circle that I share with on Facebook and people who know me only slightly are not likely to look for it. My blog is where I post more openly about my life and the things that interest me, expecting to be read by sympathetic eyes. Strangers may stumble onto my blog, but unless they like what they see I presume they are not going to come back. Those who visit, return, and comment I think of as friends. I visit their blogs, get to know them, and ... well ... I like my readers, and I feel comfortable sharing here in this public space, more so than in the "private" space of Facebook - and let's face it, there is no such thing as truly private social media! My blog also has a role as my personal diary, the place where I can look back on our family life in words and pictures. (Note to self: must back up blog.)

So I now find myself feeling very positive about both Facebook and blogging. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I have dabbled a bit with Twitter, but found that for me it overlapped too much with Facebook. It may be something I get more involved with in the future, but for now, no.


Pamela said...

I have been toying with the blogging vs. Facebook issue as well and I have come to the same conclusion - they both work! I love that Facebook is quick, easy, and links me to a wide circle of friends easily and I love that I can share and view a lot of photos easily. My blog is more of an online diary - and the place for memes which I love as they get me thinking.

I was at the point of considering Facebook OR my blog, but I'm with you, committed to both.

Pamela said...

Boy, I must really be tired...easy in two forms, three times in one sentence - I'm off to bed!

Linds said...

I use both too, and there is a place for each, I think. I don't link to my blog there. My closest friends know I blog, and let's face it, the rest could find it if they wanted to, but I keep that part detached. Like you, my privacy settings are high on Facebook, so that is good. Time..... I just need to get a grip on time!

Melanie B said...

I have such different circles of acquaintances on facebook vs the blog. Of course there is some overlap; but in the main I use Facebook to connect with friends and family who would never read and comment on my blog. Whereas the blog is my space for musing at much greater length, for recording things I want to remember. It's the closest my kids will ever get to a baby book or scrapbook album. But also I have a circle of friends through the blog that I'd never have found through facebook.

Like sunshine in the home said...

My Facebook is very different from my blog. My blog is more my inner thoughts than Facebook, and I can waffle on a bit more about things. My privacy settings are fairly tight on Facebook and I have no where near as many friends as some have. I tend to be more light hearted, 'everyday', and chatty on Facebook I think. I post very different photos on my blog than I do on Facebook.

Not many of my Facebook readers know about my blog, I like it that way because I feel freer to 'express' myself I suppose.

Glad you are going to carry on both blog and Facebook.

Missus Wookie said...

I'm glad you are doing both - I use FB for keeping up with friends/family but don't post anything about my family there really as per their request. My blog is private/anon so I can be more open there. I also like knowing that the two aren't connected :)