Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Day In The Life

I haven't posted one of these in a long time. If you enjoy trivia read on, if not please feel free to jump to the next blog.

This was today ...

7.30 ... Get up. Shower. Dress Cherub. Cook and eat breakfast (hash browns and scrambled eggs)

8.15 ... Manhandle protesting Cherub into car. Drive four girls to school.

8.30 ... Build farm for Cherub. Put away yesterday's laundry mountain. Match up large pile of socks. Stop in Angel's room while delivering clean clothes to straighten hair (she has possession of the communal hair straighteners). Cull old history books I am never likely to need from bookshelves while waiting for straighteners to heat up.

9.10 ... Sit down with mug of tea and laptop to read blogs and knit.

9.20 ... Cherub gets bored of farm and asks to watch TV. Turn on CBeebies (BBC preschool channel).

9.50 ... Turn off TV. Print out pictures for Cherub to colour while I do half an hour of housework. Cherub refuses to be left. Give up on housework. Sit next to Cherub and finish off flip-top section of mitten while she colours.

10.30 ... Stack dishwasher. Get ready to go to Grandma's. Cherub now happily engrossed in Playmobil and not pleased at being interrupted.

10.45 ... Manhandle protesting Cherub into car. Again. She wants to walk. It's raining, and I don't. Arrive at Grandma's. Cherub throws a fit because I refuse to leave her standing outside the front door in the rain. Eventually calms down and has game playing marathon with Grandma. Meanwhile I sort out a printer problem (computer refuses to recognise a paper jam has been cleared ... why?), drink coffee, eat chocolate cream cake, and start yet another pair of mittens.

12.55 ... Head home via Tesco Express for oddments. Have run out of kitchen roll and need to feed the older girls' blueberry addiction. Cherub not pleased at having to go to the shop, but limits herself to grumbling.

1.15 ... Make lunch. Eat lunch. Watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Deal with money stuff on the computer.

1.45 ... Work on local history project. Trying to finish checking censuses for several generations of a rather prolific family.

2.15 ... Look at a numbers activity book with Cherub (her choice)

2.30 ... Cherub putters with toys. Make dinner (lazy chicken and potatoes). Hang ridiculous amount of pink laundry round the house to dry. Declutter a cupboard in Cherub's room. Clean bathroom while Cherub sits on toilet.

3.45 ... K-Next-Door comes round for mug of tea. Older girls drift in from school.

4.15 ... Play game with Cherub. Make hot chocolate for Star. Quickly tidy up. Read to Cherub. Tickle fest with girls.

5.00 ... Tevye home from work. Chat for a while. Star reads to Cherub

5.40 ... Cook vegetables. Eat dinner.

6.15 ... Sit down for fifteen minutes while nice Tevye clears up in the kitchen.

6.30 ... Take Angel and Star to dance classes, collecting an extra child on the way. Bath Cherub and get her ready for bed.

7.40 ... Go to brass band practice. Fall more deeply in love with my trombone.

9.30 ... Get home to find one girl in bed asleep, one girl in bed awake, and one girl on the computer cooing over pictures of cute fluffy lapdogs. Chill with laptop. Post this.


Anonymous said...

Cool you're playing trombone! I'm impressed.

Sounds like a busy day for you. Dealing with money stuff on the computer always takes me ages...I check this, check that, re-add it all up (yes I'm a perfectionist or OCD I dunno, but also awful at maths, it's a bad combo for financial planning -LOL).

Catherine said...

I *love* "A Day in the Life" posts! Thank you for doing one. I was tv shows in the UK start at :20 and :50? Here in the US they start at :00 and :30. Btw, don't forget *my* blog when you're doing your daily blog check. :-) I think it's been about 6 months since you've been there....lots going on here! :-)

Theresa said...

Fun! Thanks for the peek into your life!

Vee said...

Thanks for sharing the peek. I did read it and did not go to the next blog. ; ) This is what makes up a life, so it's interesting to read how another gal is living hers.