Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aran Cardigan

After much dithering, I think I have decided what to knit with the cream aran weight wool I was given for my birthday. Instead of going with one of the patterns pictured in this post, I am going to use this old pattern from 1976 that I found in my Mum's hoard:

The pattern is for double knitting yarn, but looking at the leaf pattern aran weight stitch numbers, I think knitting the smallest size on larger needles (4mm/5mm instead of 3.25mm/4mm) should give me the size I want - a similar fit to the picture above, which is less baggy than the leaf pattern cardigan but still with some positive ease. I'm looking forward to getting started on it once all my Christmas knitting is done and finished (nearly there!).


PixieMum said...

What a lovely cardigan, classic design so it will never date.

I'm attempting to match my stash with a pattern, worrying about tension. Would like to use the mohair to make a long sleeved bolero style cardigan.
Can browse the internet after Christmas. Too busy with the invasions on Boxing Day and 27th Dec. visitors.

Shirley said...

O agree, this is a gorgeous pattern that will never date.
However, for me I'm not into the longer jacket style - in the photo the model has her cardy only psrtly buttoned, where I prefer an aran cardigan that I can wear buttoned and still sit down, stand up (or even give my bloke a kiss!)

Anonymous said...

aran cardigans are soooo sexy! they really do it for me . I met a hunky arab, he's quite the chap when he dons an aran. mmmmm mmm