Wednesday, February 10, 2010

40 Trash Bag Challenge


Inspired by Willa, I am trying the 40 Trash Bag Challenge from Simply Catholic.  Here are the rules:
1. Pick what size of trash bag you want to use.
2. Each week day for eight weeks fill one bag (or equivalent).  It can be a bag of stuff, toys, clothes, papers – anything,  a box of books, an old TV.  Anything that you can count as clutter is fair game.
3. Update on your blog how it goes.
4. Have fun.
I started last week, and managed five bags between Monday and Thursday.  I am behind on this week, as I was away on Monday and succumbed to a cold yesterday, but I'm hoping to catch up by Friday. I am using large supermarket carrier bags - the home delivery ones that are bigger than the standard checkout version. Not as good as the big black sacks would be but more realistic, and big enough to make a dent in the clutter.

My scores for the first week:

2 bags of books
2 bags of old and outgrown clothes
1 bag of jigsaws. 


Pamela said...

Out the door to where? Is the idea to donate, sell and/or throw away?

Debbie said...

This works perfectly with what I am already doing.

PixieMum said...

I assume that your clutter is going to be recycled.

Good idea to clear though, I need to do this.

Theresa said...

Good for you! And don't get discouraged for being behind. Every little bit helps!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a worthwhile challenge!

Elizabeth said...

That would get rid of most of our things! I firmly believe in keeping things to a minimum! I've moved alot!

I enjoyed your book tour!