Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day Zero Project: 101 Achievements

Another item from my Day Zero Project list - write a list of 101 things I've achieved. I found this very difficult to do, but got there in the end - though I took the definition of achievement pretty loosely.

1. Got married
2. Given birth to 3 daughters
3. Learned to talk
4. Learned to walk
5. Passed 10 O levels
6. Passed 3 A levels
7. Learned to play violin and viola
8. Learned to play piano
9. Learned to play the organ
10. Converted to Catholicism
11. Completed a 120 mile sponsored walk
12. Earned a 1st class degree
13. Passed my Ph.D
14. Sung in a choir at the Royal Albert Hall
15. Learned to play the flute
15. Learned to play the trombone
16. Had two articles published
17. Learned to read French
18. Learned to drive
19. Been to an FA Cup Final
20. Been swimming in the Aegean
21. Visited the Acropolis
22. Climbed Mount Snowdon
23. Had tea at the Ritz
24. Visited Jerusalem
25. Been to Lands End
26. Dyed my hair red
27. Had my ears pierced
28. Passed my driving test
29. Crocheted a blanket
30. Bought a house
31. Driven across Europe
32. Taught at university
33. Been awarded an academic Fellowship
34. Learned to ride a bike
35. Played in a symphony orchestra
36. Played in a chamber orchestra
37. Sung a solo in Church
38. Cooked Christmas dinner
39. Been a witness in court
40. Hung wallpaper
41. Sat on a rooftop
42. Driven a tractor
43. Driven a car at 100mph
44. Been to EuroDisney
45. Seen the Sistine Chapel in Rome
46. Kept a blog for five years
47. Mended a puncture
48. Changed a wheel
49. Seen the Mona Lisa
50. Pitched a tent
51. Taught my daughters to read
52. Learned Latin
53. Ridden a motorbike
54. Flown in a hot air balloon
55. Volunteered for a charity
56. Swum a mile
57. Had tea at the House of Lords
58. Earned my own living
59. Passed professional insurance exams
60. Nursed my husband through two operations
61. Played in a brass band
62. Baked my own bread
63. Run a business
64. Hand reared a lamb
65. Spent the night on a train
66. Drunk champagne
67. Driven through a snow storm
68. Walked the pilgrim's mile at Walsingham barefoot
69. Climbed a mountain.
70. Seen a performance by the Royal Ballet
71. Seen the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford
72. Read War and Peace
73. Been through Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin
74. Stayed up all night
75. Seen in the New Year in Trafalgar Square
76. Knitted socks
77. Worked in the old British Library Reading Room
78. Given a paper at an academic conference.
79. Given lectures
80. Ridden in a gondola in Venice
81. Island hopped in Greece
82. Learned to cross stitch
83. Taken part in fantasy role play games
84. Organised birthday parties
85. Played Santa
86. Hiked through a Scottish mountain pass
87. Read aloud to my children
88. Camped in the wild
89. Visited Anne Frank's house
90. Seen the River Danube
91. Been offered a place at Cambridge University
92. Been offered a place on a masters course
93. Ridden on a camel
94. Swum in the Dead Sea
95. Been up a mountain on a cable car
96. Nursed my babies into toddlerhood
97. Laughed a lot
98. Fallen in love
99. Made many friends
100. Never seriously fallen out with a friend
101. Lived a full life for 50 years


Like sunshine in the home said...

What a great list!

Karen E. said...

Oh, what a fun list! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! (Tevye)

PixieMum said...


Am full of admiration of your achievements.

Missus Wookie said...

I'd forgotten you did latin - and I liked reading the rest of your list :)