Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Festive Fare

Perhaps I should rename this blog The Foodworm. I have definitely done more eating than reading this year, and probably more talking about food than about books. Note to self: Rediscover Bookworm identity in 2011!

Thirteen things I have enjoyed eating over the Christmas holidays:

1. Turkey

2. Roast parsnips

3. Christmas pudding

4. Brandy butter

5. Smoked salmon bagels

6. Cheese footballs

7. Twiglets

8. Turkey soup

9. Bendicks bittermints

10. Marmite flavour cashews

11. Brie cheese

12. Marzipan fruits

13. Luxury rice pudding with Drambuie soaked dried fruit (made by Tevye's cousin, using a Delia Smith recipe)

And the Christmas 2010 booby prize goes to Thai Sweet Chilli flavour Pringles. Gross. I couldn't find anybody prepared to eat more than half of one, so they ended up in the bin.

Funny how many of those are things I could buy at other times of year, but just don't. (Does anyone buy cheese footballs at any time other than Christmas?)

Oh, and I am drinking Whittards winter spice flavour hot chocolate. Whittards hot chocolate is just the best - worth the price of ordering online.


Melanie B said...

I like food blogging almost as much as I enjoy book blogging, so I for one don't mind so much. Though I do like it when you write about books.

I've never had Christmas pudding. And would like to remedy that situation at some point.

I adore smoked salmon in any form but it is especially good on bagels. Our first apartment was just blocks away from the best bagel shop ever that had the most amazing smoked salmon sandwiches. I could have lived on those.

Faith said...

Maybe you could call the blog The Cookbook Worm!

Happy new year, Kathryn!

Missus Wookie said...

One of my goals for next year is more reading, no numbers involved just determined to actually enjoy reading again.