Monday, September 09, 2013

This Week: 9th Sept

The weather ... Ugh! It feels as though it has gone from August to November in four days. Thursday was a glorious hot summer day. Today? Wet, miserable and cold.

I am wearing ... fleecy winter pyjamas and woolly socks. To go ith the 15 tog feather winter duvet which is back on our bed.

I am reading ... magazines. Playing with the free Zinio subscriptions available through our local library.

I am creating ... The green sweater, which has slowed down since I came home.

I am listening ... I'm on a seventies kick

I am watching ... Dragons Den while typing this on the iPad

I am enjoying ... Being back at orchestra. I missed playing my violin over the summer.

From the learning rooms ... Two girls back at school. Rose seems to be enjoying her new class. She tells me that they have a traffic light system. If they find a piece of work easy they colour the green light, middling is the yellow light, and if they find it too hard the red light. Rather a neat way for their new teacher to get a handle on what level each child is working at, I thought.

On the menu ... Taking things as they come this week

On the calendar ... It's a busy week!
Monday: free evening
Tuesday: repair man coming to fix the oven which has stopped heating up properly; orthodontist for Marie; ballet class for Rose; I am giving a talk about Victorian crime in the evening (work)
Wednesday: brass band
Thursday: swimming for Rose; orchestra for me
Friday: Yom Kippur begins
Saturday: synagogue all day for Tevye; working at an open day for me, with Rose coming along as an honorary staff member
Sunday: playing at a "Songs of Praise" type service with the brass band

A picture from last week ... Our town has a children's trail with various children's literature related artworks. Rose, Tevye and I followed if on Saturday and found this on the underside of the bandstand ceiling in the park.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Holiday in Instagram

Ridiculous overuse of Instagram filters here, but I was having fun! Here are some pictures which give a taste of our week in Dorset.

Playing on the beach

Punch and Judy show

Cows crossing

Sherborne Castle (built by Sir Walter Raleigh)

Weymouth harbour

Bumper cars (A and Rose catch Helen)

Sea life

Goat feeding


Monday, September 02, 2013

This Week: 2nd September 2013

The weather ... still thinks it is summer, not that I will see much of it as I went back to work today and more autumnal weather is forecast for the end of the week.

I am wearing ... black leggings and a grey leopard print tunic.

I am reading ... Let Me Tell You a Story by James and Joan O'Keefe. Their book The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle kickstarted my healthy eating changes a couple of years ago and I want to keep myself motivated. I don't think I'm in danger of losing my good eating habits but I want to do better with exercies.

I am creating ... a light green sweater. I have knitted almost the entire body in a week. That's what having knitting and reading time while on holiday does for me!

I am listening ... to peace and quiet. Marie and Rose have gone to bed and Helen is out.

I am watching ... the hugely addictive Great British Bake Off.

I am enjoying ... life. And I am hugely grateful for it. I have friends who are facing life or death situations. I am hurting for them but also realising how important it is to count my blessings.

From the learning rooms ... Marie goes back to school on Wednesday and Rose on Thursday

On the menu ... menu planning has gone pear-shaped this week as the oven is on the blink. A repair man is coming next Monday. Meanwhile I am thinking more about how to cook than what to cook.

On the calendar ...
Monday: Back to work for me. Marie finally made it back from Bulgaria this morning after a three day overland trip.
Tuesday: Back to work for Tevye.
Wednesday: Back to school for Marie; back to band for me. I have the day off work to look after Rose. Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) starts, so Tevye will be going to synagogue.
Thursday: Back to school for Rose; back to orchestra for me. I am taking another day off work, this time to visit a dear friend who is very ill. I am grateful for a job with good paid holiday time (26 days a year) and the ability to take flexible days off if I work the hours in advance.
Friday: Back to work again for me!
Saturday: A free day?
Sunday: Tevye and I are planning to drive down to London to visit his parents' graves (something Jewish people prioritise around New Year).

A picture from last week ... a slightly uncertain Rose on one of those giant bungee trampoline things (I'm sure they have a name, but I don't know what it is!)