Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Christmas Decorations

Thirteen things that are making our house look Christmassy:

1. Advent calendar. This one has / had chocolate coins in for Cherub, the older two have Cadbury's chocolate calendars.

2. Animated teddy that sings Jingle Bells. Someone gave it to Cherub when she was tiny. She was terrified of it, but now tolerates it so long as nobody switches it on!

3. Playmobil nativity set. Mary has apparently gone walkabout. Must remember to look for her tomorrow.

4. Silver spiral tree originally bought to use as a Jesse tree. This year I only remembered for the first four days, so decorated it with red and gold baubles - much more cheerful than a mostly bare, failed Jesse tree.

5. Cute snowman decoration made at school by Cherub. Very simple - two cotton pads, a paper face and hat, stuck to a small plastic milk bottle and decorated.

6. The girls' stockings are hanging from the bannisters. This snowman stocking is Cherub's.

7. An angel decoration made long ago by Angel.

8. Christmas cards stuck to the bannisters.

9. More Christmas cards displayed in the ornamental card tree I bought last year to use as a Jesse tree. This year I switched trees to accommodate larger ornaments (failed!) so it is being put to its intended use.

10. Advent wreath on the dining table. A wooden candle ring with an artificial candle wreath and pillar candle inside. It took me years to come up with an advent wreath I liked. On Christmas day I will switch the purple candles for gold ones.

11. Tiny olive wood nativity. about four inches high. Picture not great as there is a yellow tissue box behind.

12. Metallic star decorations dangling randomly from the ceiling.

13. Christmas tree - five feet tall, artificial. Star and Cherub decorated it and chose the colour scheme. It stands on a small table in front of the patio door, and the red curtains make a nice Christmassy backdrop.

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Linds said...

Beautiful and festive! I intended doing a Jesse tree too this year. Failed. Next year. I will remind you! And you can prod me too.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family! Have a wonderful time together.