Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weight Watchers

Two weeks ago I went back to Weight Watchers with my neighbour - time to lose those extra baby pounds (and, I must admit, a few pre-baby) I reasoned.

Today I sent her this text message (cell phone text messaging is cheap and ubiquitous here) ...

At zoo. Cold. Bought chips*. Am giving up Weight Watchers. Too hungry and not motivated.

Well, it was a choice of eating those chips with or without guilt. I chose without guilt. I've decided that Weight Watching while nursing is not for me.

*[Chips = fries]


Katherine in TX said...

I'm with you on this one. Trying to loose weight while nursing is really hard and I've found that when I drastically reduce my calories while nursing, my body hangs on to every calorie and really makes them count.

Plenty of time later when we don't have a cute chubby baby or baby sling to hide those well-earned curves. ;)

Romany said...

Oh Kathryn

Do try to get rid of *some* of the weight now, because as you creep closer to 50 is just seems to pile on so much quicker!

Give yourself a head start, girl! It gets tougher!