Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Little Cherub's smashing time

Little Cherub had a smashing time this morning while Angel, Star and I were distracted checking out the contents of this week's fruit and veg box. All my Portmeirion dinner plates, and all but one of my medium sized plates.

Fortunately, being a part-Jewish household we have two sets of plates (one for meat dishes, one for dairy), and the meat plates are in a higher cupboard so we are not completely plateless. Also our collection was already rather depleted after I had a smashing time of my own a year or so ago (overtired ... slipped ... dropped ...). At least we still have most of a tea set - minus a few plates that were among my breakages.

Moral: Just because a baby is not yet quite ... technically ... a toddler, do not assume you can put off toddler proofing your kitchen. Particularly when you have put most of your crockery in low cupboards so small-to-middling-sized children can easily reach it. And when you have seen your not-quite-toddler stand herself up, open the cupboard and peer into it with interest.

To do list: (1) Buy new, cheap, dinner plates. (2) Reorganise kitchen.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, dear! Commiserations!

As I'm sure you know, you can often pick up cheap replacement bits of dinner services on ebay. There are also various china matching services and seconds people on the internet. We've done some smashing of ourselves over the years...

Faith said...

Wow, and she didn't get hurt? Whew! Did you have your kitchen kashered?

The Bookworm said...

No, she just stood there looking very pleased with herself and the lovely noise she had made. And no, we are only very loosely kosher, with no logic to what we do and don't do - we have non-kosher meat and often mix meat and milk, yet still have separate plates and cutlery. It's an emotional thing, rather than a legalistic / logical one!

Elizabeth, I checked out Ebay, but the postage makes the prices not much less than brand new. I'm going cheap plate hunting at Tesco and Asda tomorrow.

Romany said...

Oh no! Those Portmeiron ones are expensive! How many did she break?

Still, it'll make a good story when she's older!

Jennifer said...

One of our favorite homes that we housesit for when the lady is gone has a collection of the same dishes, we love to have elaborate tea parties with her teapot! So sorry it all smashed - will the remains go into Cherub's Hope Chest?