Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I killed Henry

I killed Henry the hoover :(. Henry the virtually indestructible hoover. Something went wrong with his on/off switch. It wouldn't stay down unless it was held down. So I took him to pieces. I mean, how hard can an on/off switch be? Surely I would be able to find something to tweak. No luck. And when I put him back together he didn't work at all.

Poor Henry is dead, and I murdered him.

And our carpets are sorely in need of a vacuum.


Elizabeth said...

Alas, poor Henry! You might find a nice hoover repair place to have a go at him -- worth at try, as they're such good machines.

Katherine in TX said...

Ah, poor Henry. May his memory be eternal. :)

Alice Gunther said...

He had a good life.

I'll always remember him as he was--smiling and suctioning and sliding round the place, always with a glint of mischief in in his two flat eyes.

Romany said...

Hoovercide - Life on the Streets.

Will Kathryn spend her life on the run now?

Faith said...

I am a a serial murderer of vacuum cleaners. At least four have met their demise at my hands! Vacuum cleaners and I, well, we just don't get along!

But Henry looks like he was so cute. At least you killed him quick! Some of mine met long and tortured deaths!