Sunday, June 03, 2007

Timing - or mistiming

Yesterday morning Tevye took Angel to an orthodontic appointment to be fitted for a retainer (all those years of thumbsucking ...). They arrived nicely in time for an 11.00 appointment. A bit too much in time. The appointment was for next Tuesday - June 5th, not June 2nd. This may tell you something about Tevye's handwriting.

In the afternoon I took the girls to confession. Again we arrived nicely in time. Nobody there. It turned out confessions were cancelled yesterday due to a wedding.

Oops! Angel was beginning to take it personally ...

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Anonymous said...

ROFL! At first I thought you meant you took them to confession b/c of showing up early for the appointment.

Btw, I'm having fun catching up on your blog tonight. Haven't been here in ages! You are such a good writer!