Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It sounds as though Karen E's Ramona is heading in the same direction as my literal Angel, who takes pedanticism (is there such a word? the state of being pedantic?) to impressive heights. Surveying the CD on which she had recorded the music she is dancing to for a choreography competition next week she let out a cry of alarm.

"Oh no! I have written 1 minute 15 seconds on it and this is the 1 minute 13 second version!"

"Is that a problem?"

"Miss L says we have to put the time on the CD ..."


Elizabeth said...

This reminds me of a long-ago exchange with my brother.
Brother: I'm sick of your pedanticism!
Me: You mean pedantry...

Karen E. said...

Oh, Elizabeth, how funny!

And, Kathryn, your example is hilarious. But, sadly, I'm afraid they get it from me (my Anne-with-an-e is like this, too.) We correct song lyrics as well, making spontaneous bursts-into-song less than joyful at times.

The Bookworm said...

Yes! Pedantry! I knew there was a word my frazzled brain was groping for. Thank you, Elizabeth ;).

Karen, I can be on the pedantic side too, but Tevye is worse. Star is not, and it is too soon to tell with Little Cherub (though she certainly has a good streak of Drama Queen!)