Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Barefoot baby

Little Cherub is beginning to find her feet, and as we found ourselves near a Clarks shoe shop today I decided to get her a pair of "cruiser" shoes. (Aside: I wonder what proportion of British toddlers get their first pair of shoes from Clarks?) Little Cherub is built on a miniature scale, and I knew her feet would not be large enough for proper "walking" shoes, which start at a UK size 3*. The "cruiser" shoes - lighter and softer, and available from a tiny size 2 upwards - sounded ideal. Little Cherub proved surprisingly cooperative and let the sales assistant measure her feet. Size 1.5. Or rather, they would have been a 1.5 if the scale went that low. At least it was a first for the assistant, who had never measured feet so small they were off the scale before. Not very hopefully, he tried some very cute, very tiny shoes. Her feet slipped out. For now she is just going to have to stay a barefoot baby.

* I googled, and American infant shoe sizes are half a size smaller than UK sizes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh such tiny feet! Kiss them for me. I love baby feet!

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