Tuesday, June 05, 2007

LOAFing Update

My organic fruit and vegetables arrived today. There were lots of green leafy things - cabbage, spring greens and lettuce - which as Angel and Star love green leafy things is good (if I believed in reincarnation I would think they had been rabbits in a former life). Not quite sure how fennel will go down. At least the supplier's website supplies recipes, or I would have had no idea what to do with it. One tiny cucumber will not go far - Star can eat that quantity as a snack! - and I am now overloaded on onions. The aubergine is something I would not normally buy, but Tevye and I at least will enjoy it roasted. There were also potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and some interesting looking sprouting seeds. We ate the cabbage, sauteed with butter, for dinner, and it tasted good. Overall, I think the vegetables are going to be a success. Even the "large" box is no going to see us through the week, but I think there is a fair amount for the money. We haven't tasted the fruit yet, but the price difference seems larger than for the vegetables. To buy the amount of fruit we can eat in a week would break the bank!


Karen E. said...

Oh, do keep us posted. The hardest thing for us about going organic is the budget, so I totally understand.

Jennifer said...

How was the fennel? Mom and I were talking about fennel last week in CA, I think it was lining the edges of a trail we were on. There was a ton of it and it smelled rather fennel-y. If it was and that was an example of how well it grows I cannot believe that stores can charge what they do for it!!!