Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer is here

Today we went to our first Sunday afternoon band concert in the park. Our town park still has an old fashioned bandstand, where there are weekly free concerts during the summer - mostly brass or wind bands. We go as often as possible, often with our neighbours. The adults take folding chairs, find a shady tree, listen to the music, read and chat; the children play in the park, paddle in the pool, listen to the music, chat and eat ice creams. It is all very old-fashioned and traditionally English, with tea and homemade cakes available and the concert ending with the National Anthem (a rarity these days). Once the Sunday park afternoons start we know summer has arrived, whatever the weather ... though today we had suitably warm, summery weather to enhance the effect.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, it's beautiful!
Lovely summer tradition.