Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9: Google Hits

According to My Blog Log in the last couple of weeks I have received hits from people searching for the following ...

1. hilaire belloc drink before the reformation
2. salt dough, chemistry set
3. elizabeth goudge blog
4. damerosehay (spot the connection?)
5. where did the word kalamari originate
6. bookworm rules (you bet!)
7. world issues badge
8. toaster tweezers
9. st gregory
10. jewish father legacy of love
11. liturgical year notebook
12. facts about life begins at 40
And last but not least ...
13. why is it good to be a bookworm


Romany said...


And aren't you just the tiniest bit freaked out by that?

Dorothy with the unsearchable blog

The Bookworm said...

No, not freaked - I might be if people were looking for something unpleasant, but toaster tweezers et al are pretty harmless!