Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm FLYing

Or at least, I'm just about airborne. This week's housewifery has been noticeably less hopeless, though as Tevye puts it, I do sudden bursts of housework at random and bizarre times. I have managed to get through all the basic cleaning, toilets and sinks are all getting regularly swished, laundry is up to date, and I filled one small bag of stuff to take to a charity shop. I didn't make it as far as this week's zone or any full scale flinging, but baby steps! baby steps!

I'm glad to hear I am not the only person who has a problem with remembering to switch things on (or maybe not glad exactly ... just relieved!). On the whole I'm good with putting things in the right place. My problem is getting there. I suffer from a bad case of On The Way Syndrome. The house is littered with items in odd places. Tevye asks about them, only to be told "oh, that's on the way to ...".

As you can probably tell from all this FLYing and LOAFing and Weight Watching, I'm making a major attempt to get various aspects of my life in order this summer.

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