Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is a post I have been putting off writing ... it marks the end of a chapter and I'm still getting used to the idea of starting a new one. While we were away in Greece we decided that both Angel and Star will go to school in September. A few weeks ago this was not even on the cards, but sometimes life moves fast.

For us homeschooling has always been a positive choice, made because we felt it was the best thing for our particular children at this time, not because we had a fundamental problem with school. We are fortunate enough to live in an area where the schools are generally good, so we have always seen school as an option.

In the end it was an easy decision to send Angel. We had decided a while ago that she would go to Upper School in 2008 (more or less the equivalent to American High School, but starting a year earlier at thirteen). She needs the stimulus of learning with others, and she is a mature, sensible girl who we think will cope well with the school environment. While in some ways I would have loved to have her home for another year, we have hit a wall with homeschooling and she would only have been marking time, so she is going to go for the last year of Middle School.

Star is a different matter. She is a quirky personality who may well turn out to be a square peg in a round hole at school and we are far less confident that school will be right for her in the long term. So why send her? Partly because we hope the structured environment will be good for her, and partly because she wants to try. This year is a natural starting point as her year group will be beginning Middle School, so if she is going to try school this is a sensible time. We are going to reassess things after a year, and it may be that she will come home again. If so, then it will be with a number of answered questions, both for her and for us. Watch this space!

So ... we have filled in the forms, the school has confirmed that they have places for both girls, and they are all set to go. As for Little Cherub, she will definitely be home educated for at least the first few years, so I am still thinking of myself as a homeschooler (I just had a slight identity crisis, but I think I resolved it). Starting again with a little one - and with the benefit of experience - will be fun.


Elizabeth said...

Gosh! That's a shock! Wow, life will be very different for you all come September. I hope it goes really well.

Katherine in TX said...

Prayers for you and the girls as you make this change. :)

Karen E. said...

I know that God will take care of your beautiful girls no matter what. I look forward to reading your adventures in this new chapter in your life!

Romany said...

Wow, what a shock!

Life will certainly be different for you! I'm sure you'll find all kinds of benefits to the new situation.


Jennifer said...

Big decisions, I know! It sounds like the timing couldn't be better for the girls though.

Serenata said...

What a surprise!
Having been there done that I know exactly how you are feeling but at least you'll still have Little Cherub at home.


The Bookworm said...

Hello Lorraine - nice to "see" you :). It is a surprise to me too. I was geared up for Angel going, but I hadn't expected Star to go for some time yet. Hope all is going well with your two. Do you ever get to W's to scrapbook? I haven't been since Little Cherub arrived, but hope to start going again now she is bigger.

Serenata said...

Hello Kathryn, I did just try emailing you but it 'bounced' straight back, so not sure if I have the correct address. i Kathryn,

Haven't been to W's much, but did go to her birthday party and a New Zealand/Australian "barbie" Hoping to start going soon when things start to calm down. Almost finished my MMus - recital this Thursday, and disertation due 30th August.

Are you going to go to Watford?

Cay said...

I admire your convictions and willingness to share, Kathryn.

We were faced with this same decision this summer. For now it looks like we'll continue hsing but, no matter what the cards hold, I'll always think of myself (and you) as hsers because we are learning all the time.

Like Karen, I look forward to reading this new chapter in the life of my dear friend and her lovely girls. :)

The Bookworm said...

Lorraine ... I think you probably have an old address. The one I am using now is thebookworm *at* tiscali*dot*co*dot*uk.

Hope the recital went well, and good luck with the dissertation. I am expanding musically and trying to learn the euphonium!

What is happening in Watford?

Anonymous said...

As another poster said.....that was a shock! But as yet another poster said.....I admire your convictions and willingness to share. And I do remember years ago when you had battles with Angel and she almost went to school. I pray it works out great for your whole family. It will be nice for Cherub to have you to herself....almost like an only (or firstborn) child. :-)