Sunday, October 28, 2012


Some short takes for Sunday as I didn't get round to writing any on Friday!

1. The bright spot in what was otherwise a rather stressful week (dealing with other people's issues - nothing major, just frustrating and time consuming) was that Helen acquired a second part time job. A new retail park is opening at the end of November in the nearest large town and she applied for jobs in a couple of clothes stores. She was offered both and accepted this one. The other was a well known pile-it-high, sell-it-cheap, disposable fashion chain.

2. Helen and her boyfriend A have been together for a year now. Although we had met and chatted with his parents in passing we decided it would be nice to get to know them better and invited them over for tea. As we talked it became apparent that A's grandmother and my father both came from the same village and were almost certainly related. A bit of digging around on Ancestry and I worked out the Helen and A are fifth cousins. Small world!

3. When buying hair dye that is called "dark chocolate", do not be seduced by the word chocolate into ignoring the word dark, or you may end up with hair that is more Morticia Addams than the natural brunette you were anticipating. Just saying.

4. As I think of things that I want to include in these quick takes posts I make a brief note of them as there is no chance of me remembering them otherwise. Unfortunately it is not a foolproof method. One of my recent notes reads "chocolate mousse". Huh? If I ever remember what I was thinking of I'll let you know.

5. Rose is given a homework project once a term. The whole school gets given the same task which is very broad, allowing them to do pretty much anything they like on a given topic. This term the topic is Amazing Feats. After disentangling "feat" and "feet" and some discussion of what might be considered amazing, Rose proposed a suitable topic ... the inventor of the tooth fairy. Sadly I felt this was not a viable option. She is now dithering between doing something about the Games Makers (the 70,000 volunteers who helped with the London Olympics and Paralympics) or something about amazing women.

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Missus Wookie said...

I'm enjoying the juxtaposition of chocolate mousse and the 31 days of healthy eating :)

Congrats to Helen on the second job, Princess hasn't started looking for her first yet.