Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Healthy Eating - Snacks

Oops! I'm getting behind so this will be a quick catch-up post.

I usually eat breakfast at 6.30 and don't get lunch until 1, so need a mid-morning snack. If there is cake on offer at work, then I will usually shamelessly eat some of that (modest portion, no second helping!). Fortunately he number of staff in our office seems to be the optimum number for producing cakes regularly enough to be a feature of office life, but at long enough intervals to still be a treat.

If it is not a cake day then I always take a healthy snack. This will usually be one of:

- banana
- fruit bar
- nuts (brazils, almonds or cashews)
- houmous with carrot or pepper to dip in it (not so often as this takes forethought!)
- granola bar

The key for me is that it has to be something I can easily grab in the morning. I also keep a bag of nuts at work so if I get hungry I have a healthy energy boost to hand rather than being tempted by the chocolate vending machine.

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Missus Wookie said...

I have dried fruits and nuts in a small box in my handbag for such emergency occasions. Princess takes a cereal bar