Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days of Healthy Eating - Nakd Bars

These are my snack time secret weapon:

A chocolate hit but also a whole portion of fruit in a bar. The ingredients are dates (40%), cashews (40%), raisins (14%), cocoa (5%) and natural flavouring. They also do a straight Cocoa Delight flavour, but unusually I prefer the chocolate orange version - I'm not usually a fan of orange flavouring, but in this case it gives an added zing.

These bars also come in various other fruit flavours and I've just discovered from their website that they have new rhubarb and custard and caffe mocha varieties. They also do all sorts of other healthy snacks that I didn't previously know about that can be ordered directly.

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Jennifer said...

Oh those sounds good. I wonder if they are available here.