Friday, October 05, 2012

31 Days of Healthy Eating - Red Wine

Another luxury recommended for daily consumption as part of the polymeal is red wine. In moderation (and for women that means just a single glass) red wine is not only a pleasure, but a healthy one. Health benefits are supposed to range from lowering cholesterol to improving sleep:

10 Health Benefits of Red Wine

It gets better though - white wine is good for you too. Both have antioxidants, from resveratrol in red wine and from tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol in white wine.

I don't have a glass of wine everyday, but most evenings I settle down with a small glass after Rose is tucked up in bed. I tend only to drink more than one glass if we go out for a meal and I'm not driving, or if we are socialising with friends when I'll have two or three. I like both red and white, but at the moment have a slight preference for red. My white wine of choice tends to be chardonnay; with red wine I'm more eclectic and tend to pick fairly randomly from whatever is on special offer. Often I go for Australian or South African wines. I also like Italian reds.

Anyone have any favourite wines to recommend?

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Anonymous said...

Australian Shiraz is good