Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12: One Year Olds

Thirteen things I love about just turned one year olds ...

1. Giggles and tickles.
2. Hugs. Little Cherubs idea of a hug is more of a snuggle.
3. Determination ... I am a baby on a mission. I will get that toy / phone / remote control.
4. Delight ... I got it! I did it!
5. Words that come out sounding as though they are spoken by a small, squeaky robot.
6. Dawning understanding of the world around them. Plug? Electric socket? Oh yes! I know what to do with that! (And yes, we do have those child safety socket covers. Fortunately.)
7. Recognition. Beaming smiles when they spot their family and friends.
8. Stickiness. The sign of a baby who enjoys her food.
9. Curiosity. What's going on? What am I missing? I need to know!
10. Feet. Still baby feet.
11. Shoes. Her feet grew and we found some that fit. Is there anything cuter than little feet in their first shoes?
12. Dinky little summer dresses. Shame there is no summer weather to go with them.
13. A little warm, snuggly person sleeping on my lap.


Karen E. said...

Quite lovable indeed!

~cactus mouse~ said...

That was so sweet!