Friday, July 13, 2007

Before and After: Decluttering Task 5

Another task finished!

Before ...

... and after

The white wicker baskets are from Ikea. The larger basket on the right is for books. The other baskets hold toys which I plan to rotate - currently there are blocks, a tea set, a doll with a few accessories, a few small toys and one of those things where you bang balls through holes with a hammer. She also has a puzzle, chunky crayons and a push-along dog accessible. It will be nice not to have toys stacked on the floor.

The yellow Thing on the top shelf is an iPal, won in a raffle at Angel's music school concert. It looks like a furry alien, but is in fact iPod / MP3 speakers. Angel and Star were delighted with their good fortune; Tevye has been heard to mutter the words "poisoned chalice". Tell me, where would you put a set of speakers carefully disguised in bright yellow fur? On second thoughts, maybe better not!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! But, really, your "before" picture would be considered quite tidy around here!


Serenata said...

Exactly what I thought!

The Bookworm said...

Ah! You have to remember I am married to a Born Organised tidy person :).

Alice Gunther said...

I'm loving these decluttering posts--and your before looks pretty good to me!

dorothy said...

Well done!

Now that school work has finished for the year, my major room cleaning/decluttering/organising begins too!