Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One year ago

Now that is funny!

Inspired by Willa I decided to look back at my blog one year ago. My entry for today's date was about a family trip to Wicksteed Park. Guess where we are planning to go on Friday? Yes ... Wicksteed Park.

Most of my posts from July 2006 were about my plans for this last school year. Who would have guessed that this summer our school plans would be of an entirely different kind? Not me, for sure. Karen E has been putting planning in perspective on her blog. Don't miss these two posts, here and here for her thoughts on five year plans.


Willa said...

That is funny! By blogging I notice how much our family life and even my thoughts run in seasonal cycles. But it's true about those best-laid plans, too. There are always things that happen that you never would have predicted.

Karen E. said...

LoL! It's a good thing no one is grading us on our ability to predict the future.