Tuesday, July 03, 2007

FLYing: Daily Routines

Even after nearly a month I am still having to check my list. Will I ever reach a point where it becomes automatic? And somehow I never manage to do it all - one bathroom gets swished but not the other, or I don't get round to hotspots, or whatever. Still, things are running noticeably more smoothly, so I'm hanging in there.

Change and dress Little Cherub
Load washer
Swish bathrooms (sink and toilet)
Shower and dress
Bedroom hotspots

After breakfast
Stack dishwasher
Wipe table, high chair and worksurfaces
Defrost dinner (if not already done)
Hang laundry

Later afternoon
Prepare dinner
Empty dishwasher (if necessary)
Empty kitchen bin and recycling
Sort and put away laundry
Tidy living room
Living room hotspots
Straighten bedroom
Check girls' rooms

Empty dishwasher
Defrost dinner for tomorrow
Kitchen hotspots
Stairs hotspot

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Mary Ann said...

I'm trying to get my routines back in order, too. Must be the lazy days of summer with so much free time that inspire me. I re-subbed to FlyLady and made a valiant effort yesterday. I have fallen flat today, and am down with a stomach thingy. Sigh.