Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11: Devilish machines

A bit tongue in cheek here ... thirteen devilish machines I wish had never been invented:

1. Aeroplanes - how much more exciting travel must have been when the world was a larger place. And I love boats and trains.

2. Telephones - they always ring at the most inconvenient times. Perversely, I would keep mobile phones, as I like being able to text.

3. Televisions - although I watch a bit, I could easily live without it, and I'm sure many people's lives would be richer without them.

4. Lifts (elevators) - I can never quite trust that they are not about to plunge to the bottom of the shaft.

5. Remote controls - think of all the calories I could use up by having to get off the sofa.

6. Patio heaters - if it is too cold to sit outside, sit inside!

7. Electronic toys - anything plastic that bleeps, squeaks, plays electronic music and flashes. Worst are those toys that pretend to teach under-ones to count and learn their ABC.

8. Car alarms - no more being woken with a start when somebody's alarm goes off all of its own accord.

9. Parking meters - free parking for all, I say!

10. Barriers at car parks - I am always convinced they are going to come down on top of my car, so entering and leaving car parks is a stressful experience.

11. Alarm clocks - ugh!

12. Electric light - think how romantic it would be to use oil lamps and candles. (Yes, I know. It wouldn't exactly be convenient.)

13. The spinning jenny - as I am in Luddite mode ...


Faith said...

What's a spinning jenney?

I agree with your list! I'd add two more:

Electric can openers. A waste of counter space and goodness you can't take 3 seconds to open the can by hand?

Electric blankets. Just put on another cover, for crying out loud! Why does anybody want to sleep with something with wires running through it.

Alice Gunther said...

I would particularly agree with the television.

Interesting list!

The Bookworm said...

Faith, a spinning jenny was the first machine to replace the spinning wheel. The original machines were destroyed by aggrieved workers. The Luddites actually came a little later, but also destroyed factory machines they believed were taking away their jobs.