Monday, March 26, 2007

Windows Vist-blah!!!!

I do not like it, Sam I am, I do not like ... Windows Vista. Grrr! It makes my new laptop - which has more memory than the old one - run like a snail. It does not like my software. My software does not like it.

On the other hand I do very much like Maths2XL - now known as Conquer Maths. Not only has it reduced the trauma resulting from the combination of Angel and maths (if not quite eliminated it), but they are really nice people. I could not get it to run on the new laptop and phoned their help line. "Ah!" said a very man with a very nice Geordie accent, "let me guess ... Windows Vista?" Got it in one! "Mmmm" says he, "we've had a number of those lately. Don't worry, we'll sort things out!" He kindly replaced my discounted end-of-line CD-Rom version with a free subscription to their online program, which I can use on any computer, including my nice new iMac. To make my day even better, Angel then whizzed happily through a lesson on fractions.

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Suzanne Temple said...

This is good to know. I'm getting a laptop and was wondering if I would want the new Vista. You know, I'm almost tempted to pay more for the Mac.

BTW, The Italian does work on the translation widget. You just need to go back to English after each. You can't go from the French to the Italian, for example. It's a fun widget. I think I just googled "translate blog" and found it that way.