Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random Meme

Because I always appreciate a bit of eclectic trivia ...

HT: Elizabeth at Real Learning (and check out her lovely pictures of baby Karoline enjoying her first taste of apple)

1. What time did you get up this morning? Just before 8.00am (so much for my attempts to get up at 7.30!)

2. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds. Not that I have many. A small solitaire diamond engagement ring, and another engagement ring with three small diamonds that belonged to my adoptive grandmother.

3. What was the last film you saw at the theater? Pirates of the Caribbean II.

4. What is your favorite TV show? I don't really have one. There are a few things I watch, but I'm very take-it-or-leave-it with TV. There is nothing I would care about missing.

5. What did you have for breakfast? A bowl of cereal and a mug of tea.

6. What is your middle name? Helen (after the same adoptive grandmother)

7. What is your favorite cuisine? Any!

8. What foods do you dislike? Cooked carrots and orange flavoured boiled sweets.

9. What are your favorite chips? That would be crisps? Brannigans Roast Beef and Mustard or Sensations Roast Chicken and Thyme

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? I've pretty much switched to using iTunes and MP3 players rather than CDs. Current favourites are a Haydn Trumpet Concerto and a brass band version of the Helston Floral Dance (not Terry Wogan!). Nice cheerful music for spring ... dah, dah-da dah dah dah ...

11. What kind of car do you drive? Vauxhall Zafira, which I love. The convenience and flexibility of a seven seater with the ease of driving and economy of a five seater.

12. Favorite sandwich? Hot bacon on lavishly buttered bread with English mustard. High calorie, high cholesterol - but as we don't have bacon in the house because of Tevye I don't get it very often.

13. What are characteristics you can't stand? .Rudeness, egotism.

14. What are your favorite clothes? Anything soft and comfortable.

15. If you could go anywhere on vacation where would you go? USA to visit friends.

16. One random fact about myself: I always read in the bath. If I don't have time to read, I take a shower!

17. Where would you want to retire? Penzance, Cornwall. I want to be near the sea and I have wanted to live in Cornwall since I was a child.

18. Favorite time of day? .Late evening, when I get time to relax or collapse into bed with a good book or the laptop.

19. Where were you born? Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

20. What is your favorite sport to watch? .I rarely watch sport these days, but I love watching the Olympic Games, whatever the sport.

21. Coke or Pepsi? Both

22. Beavers or ducks? I was born in Aylesbury. Has to be ducks!

23. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night owl. I don't do mornings.

24. Pedicure or manicure? Pedicure.

25. What did you want to be when you were little? Nothing in particular.

26. What is your best childhood memory? Holidays in Cornwall and the Isle of Wight.

27. Ever been to Africa? No.

28. Ever been toilet papering? No.

29. Been in a car accident? Yes, but only minor ones.

30. Favorite day of the week? Saturday.

31. Favorite restaurant? . For family meals Harvester restaurants.

32. Favorite flower? Daffodils

33. Favorite ice-cream? Mars bar ices

34. Favorite fast food restaurant? Local fish and chip shop

35. How many times did you fail your driver's test? One

36. From whom did you get your last e-mail? A spammer!

37. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? John Lewis or Ikea

38. Last person you went to dinner with? . A group of other mothers from Church

39. What are you listening to right now? .This minute? Nothing. Blessed silence! Baby asleep, eldest dd next door, dh collecting middle dd from athletics. Peace at last!

40. What is your favorite color? Yellow. Or maybe pink.

41. How many tattoos do you have? None.

42. How many people are you sending this to? As many as read my blog!

43. What time did you finish this blog entry? 8.15pm0

44. Favorite magazine: National Geographic

45. Coffee or tea? Both. I tend to drink more tea (with milk, no sugar), but a really good coffee is my favourite.

46. Do you tan easily or burn easily? Burn.

47. Do you color your hair? No. I have done in the past, and may do again as the grey begins to take over.

48. What was the first car you ever purchased without the help of your parents? A white Vauxhall Viva estate.

49. What is your most dreaded household chore? Unblocking sinks.

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