Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How many is too many?

For no particular reason I found myself taking a mental inventory of the musical instruments in this house. We have ...

3 violins (1 full size, 1 3/4 size, 1 1/2 size)
1 cello (technically belongs to my Mum)
3 guitars (1 full size acoustic, 1 very small - 1/4 size? - acoustic, 1 3/4 size electric)
1 piano
1 keyboard
2 flutes (1 borrowed, with curved mouthpiece for young players)
1 oboe
1 trumpet
1 cornet
1 baritone horn
5 recorders (2 descant, 1 soprano, 1 treble, 1 tenor)
Assorted percussion (tambourine, wood blocks, bells, triangle and so on. Oddly enough, no drums)

How many musical instruments is too many? Is it possible to have too many? And what are the odds that Little Cherub will decide to play something we don't have? (Her sisters are rooting for trombone!)


Faith said...

Wow! That is a lot of instruments. We have one piano, one cello, one guitar and several recorders. The only instrument that ever gets played consistently is the piano though.

Jennifer said...

A collection of instruments is great, I think! Growing up we had my great-great grandma's piano, fiddle, banjo, acoustic guitar, cornet, clarinet, sax, bugle, flute, basic recorders, harmonicas and a bagpipe chanter from Scots-obsessed aunt. On the boat today we have two acoustic guitars (one crap, one nice, both 3/4 size) harmonicas and recorders. Marianna is hollering for a flute now, while I wonder about those new roll-up keyboards! Such a cool idea but I'd probably hate it after an upright grand.

lapazfarm said...

Which one of you plays the oboe? My dd played clarinet for years and has recently taken up oboe. She loves it and I must admit I love hearing her play it. It won't be long, though before we will have to move up from the student-grade (read cheap) oboe we bought to a better quality one. But the $$$$! Yikes!

The Bookworm said...

Angel and I can both get tunes, of a sort, out of the oboe, though I'm not sure either of us merit the word "play". My Mum and jointly I bought an old, cheap one many years ago with the intention of learning to play but never got very far.

Jennifer, I would go with the flute if Marianna is interested. Versatile, portable, nice sound, not too difficult to play (once you get the hang of blowing it) ... and just the right size for a boat!

Catherine said...

Where do you store all of these instruments? :-)

The Bookworm said...

Good question! With difficulty! Angel has her cornet, trumpet and keyboard in her room; Star has the baritone and electric guitar. The piano is in the dining room, with a heap of violins and guitars wedged in the corner between a bookcase and the piano - fairly out of sight, but also a little difficult to get at! The flutes and oboe live on top of the piano, and recorders in the piano stool. The poor cello gets dumped in the garage.