Saturday, March 03, 2007

Confessions of a glutton

It is Lent and I have given up chocolate, in all shapes and forms. A bit of self-denial and self-discipline ... which I am afraid are not my strong points. Nevertheless, I am doing well with the chocolate and keeping to my resolution. I'm afraid, though, that giving up one thing is just papering over the cracks. I had to acknowledge to myself this week that one of my besetting sins is gluttony. First, there were the cream cakes. I bought a box of four to share with Mum, Angel and Star. It turned out Mum already had some cream cake in the fridge ... so I ate that, then ate one of the others later. I give up chocolate, then eat double cream cake. The next day it was cheese and onion rolls. Angel and I walked to the shop to buy some bread for lunch. She asked for a snack to eat on the way home. We bought cheese and onion rolls. I ate one. She ate half. I ate her other half. So much for self-denial and self-discipline.

So here I am, confessing to being just plain greedy. As it is Lent, I'm going to try to deal with the sin of gluttony by eating more simply and less indulgently. And I'm going to keep myself accountable by posting here.


Karen E. said...

Look at it this way: Lent is such a beautiful thing, because of what it shows us. It always shows me far more than just how much I love chocolate. And though I might not, at first, like what it's showing me, it always shows me something *very* good.

I can relate, btw. ;-)

Willa said...

Oh Bookworm, it is definitely a process, isn't it? I'm there too. SO true about papering over the cracks... but it's something. It shows you a bit what the wall COULD look like.

Elizabeth said...

i've given up choc too and it's a real struggle!

don't be too hard on yourself though -- you're allowed lots of extra calories as a nursing mother!

Anonymous said...

Here's what I did. I denied myself a second helping. Now, that doesn't mean that I measure out 3/4 cup of noodles for my dinner, just whatever fits in the bowl. I've also given up sweets ... all sweets. Ice cream is my greatest downfall, though I've yet to fail there. However, the good news of all that I've given up is that my waistline is shrinking, albeit by millimeters at a time.

What I'm doing this Lent is saying a Rosary every night. But I'm failing miserably and having to double up every other night, it seems. I confessed this to my priest and he said that we all fail because we're human. Keep working on what you consider are your failings, Bookworm!