Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tevye's mystery destination

Today is Tevye's 50th birthday (what? half-a-century already?) and until a couple of weeks ago we were struggling to come up with a suitable way of marking the occasion. He isn't a party person, so that was out. Then suddenly a vague idea he had a while ago became a real possibility when he found ridiculously cheap flights, and he now has a special trip lined up to visit the city of his father's birth. Taking the whole family would be too much and it would not be practical for just the two of us to go, so he is taking his eldest nephew with him as a twenty-first birthday gift. In September they will be on their way here ...

Any one care to take a guess at their destination? If nobody gets it from the pictures, I'll add a clue in a day or two.

As for today, Tevye took the day off work and we celebrated with Danish pastries for breakfast (oops! sticky baby!) and a trip out for lunch.


Romany said...

I can't tell from the pictures but remember you telling me something once. Does it begin with G?

Karen E. said...

I don't know where they're going, but the happiest of birthdays to Tevye and his nephew!