Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another instrument

We are adding another musical instrument to our collection. I have decided to get in on the act with Angel and Star and join the brass band ... so on Wednesday a euphonium will be arriving for me to try out. In the little tinkering with brass instruments I have done I have discovered I am definitely a lower register person - I just don't have the right mouth for trumpets or cornets - but it remains to be seen how well I will take to it. I can get tunes out of Star's baritone (similar, but lighter) which is a start.

How glad I am that we have tolerant neighbours!


lapazfarm said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!!

Karen E. said...

Good for you! How fun!

Nancy Ruth said...

I played the baritone horn in our high school band 56 years ago. Played it poorly, I confess. I have always been sorry I didn't buy one for myself (I had the band's horn)and kept it up. By the time I had the extra money, it was too late. So good for you. You won't be sorry.