Sunday, March 11, 2007


Today we have enjoyed a balmy spring day, with temperatures into the low 60s.

I love that feeling that spring is here and summer just round the corner. It may turn out to be an illusion, but at least we enjoyed the day. We went to early Mass (9am) as Angel and Star had a recording session with the brass band this morning (they record an annual CD as a fund raiser). After lunch we went for a walk round the local country park with Star, Cherub, A-next-door and her mother. Angel and J-next-door opted to stay home and sunbathe!

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Romany said...

On Saturday, we went to dinner at Arnetta's (in your town). We drove across country. You have some very picturesque villages near you. All thatched cottages and sweet little village duck ponds!

The gentle hills made a nice change from flat-as-a-billiard-table Oxon, too.