Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh ... UGH!!!!

Today was one of those days ... as a result of which I recognise that the time has come when I simply have to get our days - particularly our mornings - into a proper routine.

If only I could start the day in the evening and work backwards. I am just so not a morning person!


Elizabeth said...

I'm a night owl too. Sympathies.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a night owl too. Sympathies.

Karen E. said...

Oh, I can relate. But do remember not to be too hard on yourself, Kathryn, in that you *do* have a baby in the house. All bets are off when it comes to organization and routine. :-)

Mary G said...

Why can't you flip flop the days? I'm going to post this on 4real -- but since we're in "charge" of our homes, why must we accept 8-3 as school time?

In other words, do what you need to do and spend lots of time cuddling Little Cherub!

Cay said...

I'm a night owl too.

KC said...

Oh, me too!!! It can be very difficult.

Romany said...

Are your girls owls or larks?

Have you ever tried a timetable for the girls? This worked quite well for us for a while. The kids got themselves organised according to their 'timetable' which they enjoyed putting together.

They completed the things they could do on their own.It freed me up in the morning to do the things I needed to do then.

Then we assembled for 'sofa school' (read alouds, Bible etc) in the afternoon.

Just a thought.