Monday, September 08, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook: 8th September

For Monday 8th September

Outside My Window ... yet another dull, grey morning. According to the forecast today is supposed to be a dry and almost bright day. I'm not convinced.

I am thinking ... that I feel rather flat as we get back into routine after the summer break. Somehow the daily grind feels, well, rather more of a grind than it did when it was varied by summer trips and activities.

I am thankful for ... central heating, which I turned on yesterday. I grew up without it, so I truly am thankful. I do miss having a real fire, but don't miss the work involved.

From the kitchen ... leftover chicken again. I'm going to cook it with mushrooms in a white sauce, then put mashed potato on top. Star, who is vegetarian, can have broccoli in a cheese sauce with some mashed potato on the side. There is also a butternut squash from last week's organic veg box that I need to do something with. And I am going to bake fairy cakes with Little Cherub this morning.

I am wearing ... blue velour pyjamas. Winter pyjamas.

I am creating ... a seasonal display table for autumn. I have gathered a few bits and pieces, and want to put it together today.

I am going ... to be a super efficient and self-disciplined housewife and mother this week, and tick everything off my to-do list. I wish.

I am reading ... Flower Hunters, by John and Mary Gribbin, which I started a few weeks ago and then abandoned for something else. I'm on the chapter about Carl Linneaus.

I am hoping ... to take Little Cherub to Bekonscot model village on Thursday. The downstairs carpets are being cleaned, so I want to keep her out of the house while they dry. If the weather is too wet to want to go somewhere outdoors, we will go and park ourselves at Grandma's instead. I haven't been to Bekonscot since I was a child. Somehow I never got round to taking the older girls, although it is less than an hour's drive.

I am hearing ... a clock ticking. All three girls are still asleep, and Tevye has already left for work. Ack! There goes someone's alarm!

Around the house ... reasonable order. A few scattered schooly things that didn't get put away after the older girls did their homework.

One of my favorite things ... a quiet house.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... making a start on some neglected decluttering jobs. Little Cherub's clothes and the shoe mountain in the hall (summer shoes, winter shoes, outgrown shoes ...) are top of the list.

Here is picture thought I am sharing ...

Back to school. Star insists she can see through all that hair. I'm not convinced. Mind you, I'm not sure the camera angle helped!

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Shari said...

Winter pajamas already? You poor dear!! Star looks like she could fit in that bag! I hope the sun comes out for you!

AllyJo said...

Central heating? Wow. Where do you live? I live in Florida. We have outdoor heating all the time. It's not as sticky though. Fall is coming, praise God!

The Bookworm said...

Shari - Star is in a red phase at the moment. The bag may be oversized, but it is very red!

Allyjo - we are in England, where it has been a very dull, damp summer. The temperatures are not that bad (low 60s), but it feels colder after several days of rain.

Sandra said...

Oh goodness, you guys are needing heat already. You know I miss the cold weather, now that we're in Arizona it's always hot LOL

Love the photo of your girls :)

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Suzel (sandra) said...

Hello from France, I was very happy to read your blog. I take you in my favorits.
By see you soon.

marye said...

Believe it or not after years in Texas I almost envy the need to turn on the heat in mid september

Chez Nous said...

I have to put Bekonscot model village on our list of places to visit when we go to England although we now have SO many places on the list that I think we're just going to have to figure out a way to move over there!

Have a wonderful week.

UKZoe said...

We still haven't put our central heating on, although I thought about it over the weekend. I'm trying to hold off for another week or two.

Schotzy said...

Being a huge anglophile everything you posted just sounds extremely romantic and wonderful to me. Living in the Vrrginia we have had such a hot, dry summer, your post sounds like a lovely book about my favorite topic!- anything British! God bless you!

Dorothy said...


I put the central heating on yesterday too, just for a hour. I am cold but also mean.{g}

I hope you enjoyed Bekonscot. It's managed by a christian homeschooling family who are friends of ours. We used to go a lot, when the kids were younger.