Monday, September 15, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook: 15th September

For Monday 15th September

Outside My Window ... cloudy skies, but looking as though it will stay dry. And we did get a little sun at the weekend.

I am thinking ... that I could do with a nap and it isn't 9am yet. I woke early, and I am so not a morning person.

From the learning rooms ... lots of plant-related things. At school Angel and Star are both (coincidentally) studying plants in their science classes. I am also learning about plants thanks to the 100 Species Challenge, and Little Cherub is growing cress.

I am thankful for ... a stress free start to the week. Star has struggled to get back into the school-day morning groove, but got herself together this morning.

From the kitchen ... chicken stir fry for dinner, though I will need to find something else for vegetarian Star, who in any case needs to eat early as she has a ballet class and Girl Guides this evening. Monday is baking day with Little Cherub, and we are planning to make chocolate octopus biscuits, assuming I have everything I need!

I am wearing ... stonewashed blue jeans, long-sleeved green t-shirt, navy Crocs.

I am creating ... still working on the small cross-stitch lavendar bag I started while on holiday.

I am going ... to reorganise Cherub's clothes, which are currently stuffed into one very messy drawer. I cleared out some baby toys from a set of plastic drawers, so I can now use those for clothes. And yes, that was on my list of things to do last week. I did at least manage to clear out the shoes and boxes of hats / gloves / scarves / umbrellas / raingear and stuff from the hall.

I am reading ... articles from Charlotte Mason's Parents' Review

I am (still) hoping ... to take Little Cherub to Bekonscot model village on Thursday. Last Thursday was too wet and miserable for us to go.

I am hearing ... Thomas the Tank Engine on TV.

Around the house ... lots of Playmobil. Little Cherub is into playing with vehicles and has the bus, the aeroplane, a car, a tractor and trailer and a boat scattered over the sitting room floor.

One of my favorite things ... Playmobil! It has been the best ever toy in this house. Angel and Star used to play with it for hours at a time, and it is already a big favourite with Cherub, who gets the benefit of her sisters' collection. Right now she is busy arranging people in the bus.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... mend the broken door on our dolls house, and weed out any broken or unsuitable furniture so that Cherub can play with it. A meeting on Thursday for parish catechism class teachers - I volunteered this year and the classes start on Saturday. That postponed trip to Bekonscot. Dinner at a tapas restaurant on Friday with Tevye, and K-and-A-next-door. A family meal at a Chinese restaurant on Sunday to celebrate my mother's birthday. Eating out twice in a week ... luxury!

Here is picture thought I am sharing ... how to clean a car? Borrow your neighbour's toddler!

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Chez Nous said...

I remember growing cress! Mum bought me a kit with a plastic divided tray, two large cotton-like squares, and mustard and cress seeds. Cress was planted on one side of the tray and mustard on the other. I grew it for a science project at school and it got rave reviews because American children weren't familiar with mustard and cress.

We love Playmobil too! My DD, (age 14), still drags it out when her horsey friends come over as she's got the barns, stables, carriages and assorted farm implements. I don't think you are ever too old for Playmobil. Do you have the Playmobil Advent Calendar? I think Little Cherub would really enjoy opening the little boxes in the days before Christmas and putting the scene together.

Have a lovely week!

UKZoe said...

I regularly need naps by 9am, but I'm seeing the Dr about that.

Lea-Ann said...

Sounds like a busy week! Enjoy!

Sandra said...

Great daybook :) Looks like you're heading for a busy week, hope you have some time to relax.