Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Things

I have been tagged by Missus Wookie for a random facts meme. I did a ten random facts one a couple of years ago, but I reckon I can come up with a few more.

The "rules" of the game are as follows:
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

OK. Here goes ...

  1. I don't like telephones and managed to live without one for several years. (A corollary to that fact is that I do like mobile phones, because I prefer texting to phoning.)
  2. I can still, at a pinch, turn a cartwheel. At least, I could the last time I tried. My daughters were shocked but impressed.
  3. I love melted chocolate. Forget the land of milk and honey, I want to live in the land of chocolate fountains.
  4. I collect glass ornaments, though haven't added anything for a while.
  5. I once spent six months counting medieval knights (part of the research for my Ph.D. thesis).
  6. I have lived in eight different houses and flats. The first was only two miles away from the house we live in now.
Will that do?

Now for the difficult bit. Tagging. I hate tagging, though I am quite happy to be tagged. If I tag people, I worry that they feel obliged to take on an unwanted task; if I don't I worry that they may be offended that I didn't tag them. Therefore, I tag all six of my readers :).


Sandra said...

LOL I can't stand the phone, glad I'm not the only one LOL

Dorothy said...

Where did you find the medieval knights?