Monday, September 15, 2008


Should you labour under the misconception that life in the Bookworm house is always rosy (I wish!), and that Little Cherub the perfect toddler ...

Over the last week or so Cherub has decided on a policy of outright disobedience. On principle. Whatever we ask, the answer is no.

Me: Cherub, come here!
Cherub: NO!!!!

Me: Cherub, put that down!
Cherub: NOOOO!!!!!!!

You get the picture.

Tevye and I have decided on a policy of time outs, and if Cherub doesn't do as she is told she gets put on the bottom step of the stairs for two minutes. She is at least staying put more-or-less on the step, albeit rolling around wailing loudly.

I think she is beginning to get the picture. I hope.

Her contrariness does have its funny side. We went out for lunch with Grandma on Friday. I had taken some olives from the salad bar which were stuffed with something very strong tasting that I couldn't identify. Whatever it was, it was too strong for me. Cherub spotted the olives on my plate ...

Cherub: I want some ... those!
Me: Olives?
Cherub: Yes.
Me: No. You can't have those. They aren't like the ones we have at home. You wouldn't like them.
Cherub: Yes!
Me: No!
Cherub (progressively louder): Yes! Yes! YES!!!!! I need olives! I need them!

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