Friday, September 19, 2008

Picture Book Lists

Here are those lists of picture books I promised earlier in the week, annotated as best I can to show the books that are published in the UK.

  • Saints and Seasons - around the year in picture books, including books for Christian feasts and saints' days, a few books for Jewish festivals, and other annual landmarks
  • Myths and Stories - some picture books, some collections of myths and traditional tales
  • Travelling the World - picture books for learning about life in other countries
  • Picturing the Natural World - picture books concerned with all aspects of nature, ranging from animals to geology
  • Picturing Science - the very beginnings of a list of picture books that can be used to introduce science topics
All these lists are works in progress - in effect, my running book lists, to which I add titles as I find them.

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Jennifer said...

So many great titles! Wow, thank you!