Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cooking With Cherub

Monday is baking day, and Little Cherub has reached the age where she loves helping to bake. I find the best way to approach this is to find her one or two specific jobs that are within her capacity while I get on with the rest ... it doesn't always work, but at the least it helps with disaster limitation.

Yesterday we made fairy cakes. Cherub "helped" with the measuring, and loved putting paper cases into the tins while I used the hand mixer. (Wonderful! A clean job!) Then I spooned the mixture into the cases and she helped to scrape the mix off the spoon. As it was only half an inch above the tin, that worked well. Mostly.

She was delighted with the results of her efforts, offering them to everyone with a proud "I make cake!". We looked through our Usborne What Shall I Cook? book, and decided that next week we are going to bake chocolate octopus biscuits (cookies).


Jennifer said...

Firstly, I just heard the term "fairy cakes" last week. I love that! " Cupcake" is so boring now. Can I adopt a British term without sounding obnoxious?
Secondly, Cherub is so cute standing on that chair.

Melanie B said...


So fairy cakes are just another word for what we call cupcakes? I've always wondered.

We use a stoneware pan instead of a tin with paper liners when I make muffins so unfortunately I don't have that task to set Bella. I'm still trying to work out things for her to do when we cook.

Dorothy said...

She looks so sweet there helping.

I can't get over how clean your cooker looks!!!!