Monday, September 03, 2007

Of aeroplanes and fish ...

Yesterday was one of those days when we all went in different directions. Angel and I went to the Shuttleworth Air Show to play with the brass band (I have been promoted and am now an official band member, but playing baritone horn instead of euphonium - the euphonium gets lots of twiddly bits, and I am still finding even the straightforward second baritone part a challenge!). I have to admit we are not plane enthusiasts (sorry, Dorothy, no RAF background I'm afraid ;) ), but I enjoyed playing lots of catchy, appropriate music - themes from the Dam Busters and The Great Escape, arrangements of English folk tunes and so on. It all had a nice, nostalgic feel, even if we didn't appreciate the various historic machines on display (ex-World War II, biplanes and so on).

Meanwhile, Star went to a car boot sale with my brother. (Translation for Americans: boot = trunk; people pay for a pitch then sell unwanted items from the back of their car. Paradise for clutter collectors.) She came home thoroughly pleased with herself, having invested fifty pence in this:

It sings. It sings when an unwary person walks in front of it. It sings Put Me Back in the River and Don't Worry, Be Happy! It lip synchs and wiggles while it sings. It is - in my not so humble opinion - both gross and irritating in equal measure. Star is delighted with it. I knew I should never have let her loose with my brother!

Meanwhile, Tevye and Little Cherub stayed quietly at home, apart from a gentle stroll to the shop to buy a newspaper.


Katherine in TX said...

Oh, Big Mouth Billy Bass is all the rage here in Texas. ;) ;)

(That didn't make it better, did it?) LOL!

Pixilated Mum said...

Thank you for explaining "car boot sale" because we live in California and I really could not think of what that would be. LOL

And, ah, that fish. A couple of years ago, my co-worker had that fish displayed outside his office, and EVERY SINGLE BEING that passed it would press the button. Listening to it was mortification and a good source for penance. LOL

dorothy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, even if not the planes! (I bet they were good, though!){g}