Thursday, September 20, 2007


Most homeschooling mothers plod through plans that, if not exactly humdrum, are enlivened by only the occasional flash of creativity. Out in the blogosphere there are a few who are in a different league ... imaginative, creative, inspirational, and willing to share the fruits of their creativity with the rest of us. Now Theresa of LaPaz Home Learning is sending her son to Hogwarts. And you can go too! She has created the ultimate Harry Potter rabbit trail and posted lesson plans for herbology, care of magical creatures, potions and alchemy here.

How I wish we were still homeschooling so we (or would that be I?) could have fun with these!


Anonymous said...

Of course, we leapt at the chance to run down this rabbit trail!! We submitted to the Sorting Hat yesterday and found out we are all Gryfindors. (Well, except for the college aged Ravenclaw and the Hufflepuff provider of all things).

PS The password is Hensteeth.

Theresa said...

How sweet of you! I wish you could join us, too! We are having a very, very good time.