Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Doing "normal"

For the first time in eight years I am now leading a life most people would consider normal - older children at school and myself at home with just a toddler, rather than homeschooling which is generally considered here to be decidedly odd. However, I long ago reached the point of feeling that homeschooling was normal and school odd, so "normality" seems rather topsy-turvy.

I'm trying to get used to quieter, toddler paced days. Yesterday Little Cherub and I pottered around Oxford. I intended to visit the Ashmolean Museum, but it was closed due to the St. Giles Fair, so we inspected the fair, Borders, Blackwells (a Tardis bookshop - it looks small from the outside, but has a basement with 160,000 books in one room) and the University Parks. Here are the Cherub and her Baby investigating leaves in the park.

Cherub insisted that Baby (officially named Rosie but usually known just as Baby) must come with us, despite the fact that two in a sling was rather crowded. Any attempts to smuggle Baby into my bag were met with much disapproval.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds blissful! I can't imagine any of my toddlers being as accommodating of exploring bookshops!

The Bookworm said...

Borders had activities available in the children's section - seats to sit and read, colouring, and a kind of peg board with gears set (hard to describe!). We read, she scribbled, she rearranged the crayons several times, and thought the peg board was bliss (fortunately she is not inclined to put small pieces in her mouth). She was extremely angry when I decided I had watched the game long enough and removed her. I did manage to look at books in Blackwells as she had fallen asleep.

Mrs Pea said...

It must a strange experience to go from homeschool mum to mum of a toddler during the day. Does it feel lonely? If I ever on rare occassions go out without my son I feel so alone it has actually brought tears to my eyes.

The Bookworm said...

It feels strange, but not as strange as I thought it would. Without Little Cherub it would feel very lonely, but I am enjoying having time just with her. I was tired, and being mum of a toddler is giving me a chance to recharge my batteries.