Thursday, September 13, 2007


Little Cherub has now been responsible for ...

  • Seven Portmeirion plates in smithereens.
  • One pair of glasses with a seriously bent arm that can't be repaired as the arm is cracked.
  • One watch dropped on a tiled floor. It worked until the battery ran out, but when the battery was replaced it fell apart. Not worth repairing.
  • One lost remote control. She really tried to look for it, bless her. She understood what was missing and pottered around hunting and squeaking plaintively, but clearly had no idea where she had put it. Angel and Star were promised a reward if they could find it, but no luck.
So tell me ... where could a baby hide a remote?

And no, it is not stuffed into the VCR. We looked there.


Allegiance Mom said...

The garbage?

Spinneretta said...

Under the settee. Or the bed. Or most likely, in her toys. On IN the bed.
those are the places I used to find ours anyway... ;)

(PS... DH was the one who hid it under the settee though!!)

Pixilated Mum said...

It ran away with the remote that Sebastian (my DS of 12 months) hid.


Anonymous said...

I was gonna say the trash, too. Let us know where you find it!

She sounds like our puppy. She's already ruined 3 pool lounge chairs, the garage door frame, several pool rafts, and a wooden table for the plants. Oh, and dug up several palm and banana trees. Hmm, I guess she's worse than Little Cherub. :-)


Anonymous said...

Kitchen cupboards, crisper drawer in fridge, in the container that holds the toilet brush,inside cabinet with dvds, behind books on bookshelf, inside cereal box, tucked into a shoe or boot....


The Bookworm said...

Hmmm... all those places already checked, apart from the beds and toilet brush which are upstairs on the wrong side of a stairgate, and the fridge which is too high.

Sebastian and Cherub definitely sound a pair.

Catherine ... yep, your dog has her beat!

So where, oh where, is that remote?

St.Anthony, we need help!

Melanie B said...

Once I lost a remote for a good nine months. It must have fallen off the sofa into a briefcase of mine that I then put away into a closet before we realized the remote was missing. When I brought the little-used briefcase out much, much later to use again I found the long-forgotten remote and my roommates and I had a good laugh. By then we'd replaced the remote.