Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bags are packed ...

Bags are packed, uniforms are on, and off they go!

First day update ...

Angel: After a couple of hours orientation - getting new timetables, new books and so on - she had maths, English and humanities lessons. Maths is streamed so she had to sit a test to decide which set she should be in. She will find out the result tomorrow; if she makes the middle group I will be happy, but I'm afraid that the combination of our various maths disasters with lack of test-taking experience may mean she will end up in the bottom set, which would be well below her true ability level. English meant a spelling test for everyone, and she didn't tell me what they did in humanities, though she was assigned a piece of writing about Martin Luther King as homework. True to form, Miss Efficiency already has it done. Her plan is to keep ahead of the work, without exerting herself one iota more than necessary.

Star: Also started with orientation, then did French (mainly singing), science (identifying solids and liquids - ridiculously easy) and PE. No homework for her yet. The school notes say she is supposed to do 15 to 20 minutes of independent reading at home daily, but she says her class teacher is getting them to do their reading during the registration period. One boy in her class was sufficiently badly behaved to be given lines - this on his first day at the school!

Both came home quite happy. So far, so good.


Kristen Laurence said...

They look so smart in those uniforms. :)

Spinneretta said...

Very smart :)
I like their confidence too :)
I remember going to the first day of school... always a hectic mess of panic and anticipation.
Panic that you wont know anyone, anticipation for the good things that will happen!

Looks like they didn't have any friend issues though ;)

Elizabeth said...

Gosh, I can only guess at your emotions as you waved them off!

Looks as though they've adjusted very well.